Tuxedos and suit jackets aren’t just for fancy British aristocrats on ‘Downton Abbey’ — they’re the perfect look for celebrities, too. Check out Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian and more suiting up in the sexiest way.

Kim Kardashian, 37, and Blake Lively, 30, aren’t just fashion icons — they both can pull off wearing a formal suit or a tuxedo in a flawless way. While Blake recently wore a sharp gray three-piece suit on the streets of New York on Nov. 6, Kim has previously made menswear downright sexy by wearing a black tuxedo showing off some major cleavage. However, donning a tuxedo isn’t just a fashion style exclusive only to celebrities — White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, 29, managed to slay all day while wearing tails and a bow tie in Tokyo on Nov. 6, which is probably the only positive story coming out of the White House these days. Some even said her look upstaged First Lady Melania Trump, 47. Check out the gallery above to see other celebs keeping it classy with some snazzy dinner jackets.

We reported earlier how Kim fully transformed into Selena Quintanilla for her Halloween costume, so much so that Selena’s sister exclusively told us that she thought Kim nailed the late singer’s look. In a bit of scarier news, Blake recently came out with a harrowing tale of how she was sexually harassed by a makeup artist who filmed her sleeping.

If you thought tuxedos were just barbershop quartets and millionaires who can’t stop saying “old sport,” Kim, Blake, Hope and more are here to prove you that tuxes can make an outfit perfect in the most dapper way. While you start photoshopping your own face onto tuxedo pics to see how you’d look in some black tie formal wear, check out these hot photos of Kim and Rita Ora going completely braless under their blazers.


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